dealsdoctor who sale – up to 50% off and free shipping…


I was hoping to see the Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote, but no dice. I'll have to order that one off another site.


Ahh... the old 'Up to 50% off'. One item at that discount. A $90 trash can available for only $45! I love my Who gadgets as much as the next guy but when you only have 20 of the 105 items with any sort of discount it's not really a 'Doctor Who' sale. Meh for sponsored 'deals'


The cookie jar and the disappearing TARDIS mug are pretty good deals. I paid much more on the 'zon last month and was saving money even then.

Search for free shipping codes at one of the coupon sites and you might be able to score a few bucks off.