dealsbear + deer = beer t-shirt for $5.99


These stupid Tanga shirts need to stop. They are terrible. Never, nor will I ever, buy from them.


What's wrong with Tanga? I remember seeing this shirt on Always Sunny and never bothered to look for it.


just bought one. I will wear this when I drink beers at a campfire with my buddies this summer and they will laugh.


For 8.00 I can spill my deer on it.


@infiniteammo: I love Its Sunny, but so what if they're wearing a shirt you saw on Tanga? Do you buy everything you see in TV shows or movies?

I just don't like the shirts on Tanga. I don't really care if anyone else does, I'm not trying to argue with anyone about their shirts.


@demonicgman: then why did you even say anything?


Well, it made me laugh - so I bought one!


@demonicgman: oh, I thought you were going to say you had a bad experience with customer service or something, but you just don't like their shirts. Just stick with your ocheri stuff, then. Everybody wins. And yes, I buy every single shirt I see in TV shows or movies.


Don't give Tanga that much credit. They didn't come up with it, they just changed the image and color of the shirt and printed it.



...says the guy who asked for a female wooter, ANY female wooter, to marry him in another deal...


Look who has their angry pants on. .


@kojo87: Free speech?

@jordeniel: They are my big boy pants thank you very much.

@starbelliedboy: Yes because I was being serious. This website is the place where I get serious.

@InfiniteAmmo: And why do ocheri ads have such a bad rap on woot? Whoot cares? haha see what I did there?

U mad?


Look at beer label on your bottle from Anderson Valley Brewing.
Copy logo.


@jheylin I was going to say the same thing! Right after AVBC beerfest no less


For once tanga copied a shirt AND it looks better than the ones already in existence. I did a quick search for "bear+deer shirt" in the googles and the designs are pretty hard on the eyes.


@demonicgman: no worse than the (mod edit: profanity) you see on wootshirt, teefury, ript, etc

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