dealsgiant vintage sunglasses & eyeglasses - circa…


To look at an item in detail, you have to register for the site. I hate when that happens.
On the other hand, just browsing on the main page, it looks like they have some great frames.
Think I'll be shopping !


Crap Crap and Crap, but not a Bag of Crap...

I call bullshit on any merchant who forces you to register or use Facebook to "Login" just to see what they are selling.


Those LUKE Wayfarer Sunglasses for $14 are great... and the KOOKS 3D HOLOGRAM SUNGLASSES W/ FINGER LENS would be great during the weekly holdem poker game :)


@ceagee: I just did a little greasemoney to kill the overlay, and yes very nice/interesting selection except.. they do not offer any prescription lenses and most are not frames that can have the lenses changed... which is very sad, I would have paid good money...


@alpha232: Bummer. I was thinking they could have lenses popped out. How can you tell ?


I bought a power bag a few weeks ago from Vault when they had a similar promotion. My credit card was charged when I placed the order and then it was charged a second time a few weeks later on the same day I got an email that the item had shipped.

The second charge triggered a fraud warning on the credit card and I had to dispute the charge. Still awaiting a resolution but I cancelled the card so they can't charge it a third time.


@bethmbg: I work for VAULT and want to first say I apologize if your credit card was charged twice for the same order. I just checked our system to see if we had any orders that were billed twice and I couldn't find any. If you could please email me directly at with your email address of your VAULT account or the order number I'll personally get to the bottom of this.


Coincidence that Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park wears the same style of glasses featured in this photo when Jurassic Park 3D just came out? I THINK NOT


@alpha232: You can see the glasses without signing in, but if you want details you have to sign in. What frosts me is that, in signing in you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, but you have to sign in to read the terms and conditions!


"Sign up and get $15 off your first order" - So at $14 per pair, I should get a free one and a buck refund, right? Right??


Unfortunately I need to try each and every pair on. When I do find a pair that looks good enough, I generally have to buy a few, because it'll take me too long to find another :(


I agree with Alpha 232. I don't care what kind of bait it is I won't bite on Facebook!


Junk account on Vault:

p: spamalot

Don't be an ass & change the password. Happy browsing...


@fishcandy: "Credits only applied to purchases over $35"


Gonna be a wet blanket:

No mention of UV protection + manufactured decades ago.

"Eye Protection

Vintage sunglasses do not provide the same protection that modern sunglasses do. Alvarez had some dead stock vintage sunglasses tested in his lab for UV protection levels and they didn't have any UV protection..."

These are fine if you want some shades for fun, but I'm past the days of cheap shades, even though the freedom from worry is great. Learning to buy quality... even if it dents the wallet and perpetually has me walking on eggshells.

(Even found another $25 Vault credit in my account... so tempting...)


I won't sign up just to look at what they have. Nice way to run off potential customers.


Purely for fashion looks (not nonexistent sun protectioni) I bought four styles, one for each of four different women. Now I realize that I could give a different style to each woman than the style I had picked out for them....mix it up....and still enjoy it. So I really bought the four different style as costumes.rather than what I thought would compliement each or make each happy. That's $41 (56-15) worth of self insight to me as I usually think I pretty consistently comprehend myself up front.