dealsseagate barracuda 3.5" internal hard drive for…


And it's not even refurbished!


I'm not a huge fan of Seagate products, prefer Western Digital. At this price, though, I may have to bite the bullet :)


The prices are starting to get back to pre flood levels.



comment on my own post :)


GOSH!!! I was looking at the 6GB/s and thinking this was a 6GB drive - not so!!

Save yourself headaches and get the Western Digital for $10.00 more. You'll be happy you did.


For $10 more, go with the SAMSUNG EcoGreen F4 HD204UI. It's a 5400 RPM drive that runs faster, quieter and cooler than any 5900 RPM drive.

I have 14 of these drives, bought my last set of five Jan 2011 for $80 each. They run 365/24/7. Not a single failure, DOA, etc.

I also have 8 HITACHI Deskstar 5K3000 HDS5C3020ALA632 (0F12117) 2TB which are nice and I've only had one start to go bad and Hitachi replaced it right away. But they are currently selling for $130, I didn't more than $70 for mine. But they too run 365/24/7.

I don't trust Seagate or WD for low end drives. Their 10K SCSI and SAS drives are great, but VERY costly.

We need the sub $85 price points back for 2tb drives!!!


@mschauber: I have a couple of those Hitachi drives in my server in RAID 1. They've been running 24-7 for close to a year and half with no issues. It was a tough decision between the Hitachi drives and the Samsungs.

It's too bad that Samsung was bought by Seagate. Samsung made top notch drives at a very reasonable price. I have 4 Samsung F3 1TB drives that have been going strong for years.


@voovfeegbean: Sorry man, your delusional if you think the quality on either of them are better than the other any more. I have replaced more HDD's in the last 2 years from both Seagate and WD then I have in my previous 20 years of dealing with computers.

QC is all but non existent any more, with all the work and support being done overseas it's cheaper for them to RMA drives that fail then to do good QC on them before they leave the factory.


@bigcheeze: Just noticed this... Delusional! Wow, pretty strong word for my preference on HD! You didn't mention what drive you are replacing Seagates and WD with!