dealskohl's - 15% off sitewide - no charge card needed…


Note: Upcoming Promo

TURKEY30 FOR 30% off w/ charge - starting Nov 8th


@lichme: I always thought that your percentage off was a distinct association with your unique charge account. Where some people get 15% off, others get 20%, others get 30%. My wife received a 30% off last month, whereas I only got 15% off. I was unable to use her code on my account, so I just made the purchases on her account instead.


@studerc: It may be the case in some promotions, but I have had success with several posted codes online that were not sent to me directly. Kohls codes come up on deals.woot frequently, and they generally work for everybody (at least the ones that require a charge card)


@studerc: My Mom and I each are cardholders and we go shopping together and we use whoever's percentage which is higher. I will check out and the cashier only ever looks at the percentage and applies it to the total manually, they do not scan it. Then I hand off the paper to my Mom and she goes through her purchase using the same percentage off paper that I just showed the cashier. We've never had an issue. I've never had an issue online either, I always use the highest percentage off code I can find and it's not been an issue.

Two weekends ago I was just at Kohls with a friend who purchased a few things and I did not. They had a standard Kohl's charge, not a MVC, and they were still able to get 30% off their purchase by showing my paper.


@lichme: I have a charge there too and got the same TURKEY30 code


15% off? That's basically the worst time to shop at Kohls, they normally offer 30% off PLUS bonus kohls cash. I guarantee that someone artificially voted this up with multiple accounts.