dealsfree sim card, no purchase necessary


Forsooth thou art so cruel, Platinutel. For I hast ordered this very thing and paid nearly a farthing for it, but yesterday. The harsh winds of fate have blown unfair, say I.

Thanks for the heads up about "talk like Shakespear day", l will be enjoying it. :-)


There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Also, you apparently don't need to fill out the bottom half of the form to enter the "survey" correctly.
Only need to enter your name and address. No email spam.


If you want to use a PTel plan, you can use the coupon code "PTELSLICK20" to get a free SIM card and $20 off the first month of your plan.

FYI, PTel operates on the T-Mobile network, and SIM cards will work on locked T-Mobile phones (though outside of those, you would need an unlocked phone, and make sure the phone has band 1700/2100 if you want 3G/4G service).


@pickypickypicky: bear thine eyes straight, no seriously, look at the screen. You spelled our company name wrong. So, we're even! Joking aside, please send your order details to and we'll make it right.

Thanks :)


If u fill the form on ipad mini, u can never click on the button Submit since the bottom half of the form is messed up. Text are ovelay other text. Tried closing it and did 3 times. same thing. I have to pass! Wanna get a new line for my mom since im pretty pleased with Ptel.


@pickypickypicky: Kill all the lawyers. Yup, that's Shakespeare, too. So much to quote; so little time.

Hast you given this a lot of thought? If not, think again. Must say, for full disclosure...I do not know what a SIM card is. And, further disclosure...I don't think I care. But then, I'm a simple fool who only has a pay as you go cell. Not a REAL user.

Ignore me. ;-) Pardon my intrusion.


@platinumtel: dost thou follow through with thine commendable act, much praise henceforth unto thee


@novastarj: Only trouble is, the plan I currently have with T-Mobile is much better suited to me and cheaper than any of PTel's plans. $30/mo for unlimited text/web (First 5gigs are high-speed) Only 100 talk minutes, but I rarely, if ever, yak all day on my cellphone, (That's what my VoIP at home is for) but if I am so inclined, there's the Talkatone app.

AFAIK this plan--only for T-Mobile phones from Walmart--is still available. Officially no tethering, but that's easily "rooted" around. Or you can be "legit" and pay an extra $15/mo for the privilege of using the data allotment you purchased as you see fit.


Nice! And the company has a good vibe.
I am unable to obtain a confirmation of completion: the histogram flashes endlessly until I refresh, at which point it says "Congratulations! Your entry was successfully submitted."
However, no confirmation is issued by email.
I post this here so that Ptel can reassure us the process is sound.


Can we post deals that aren't so regional?


pickypickypicky is asked to send order details to this mean every platinumtel customer gets their own special customer service address? That is some great personal customer service!


@platinumtel: All joking aside, this kind of service is exactly what I always get from Ptel.* It is why I can recommend it all day long, and sometimes do.

Info sent, if you need any clarification, just let me know. TY

And congratulations on getting the top spot on woot today!

*hope I spelled that one correctly.


@gmwhit: they do offer pay as you go, one of the best, IMHO. Which is what I use too. They have recently begun offering a bring your own phone program, BYOP, and you need a sim card to use their service.


aw sux, just refilled my t-mobile minute a few days ago. Anyway t-mobile network is not so great here in MD. I was walking at Great Fall (Maryland side) and my cell get no signal for the whole trail.


@minhwins: have you tried clearing your cache?


Wouldn't the sim card be provided anyway if I bought a plan? Can anyone tell me?

I am on T-mobile right now so it would not be a hard switch to make, but I am on contract for just under a year still, so I would probably forget I had this lying around if I got it today.

EDIT: What the heck, grabbed one anyway. It's simple and free. If this arrives in a timely manner I will be pretty impressed.


@pickypickypicky: Good service sounds, well, good. I am still waiting for an answer on whether my good service can begin at all, as the form misbehaves somewhat.
Did I make the list of lucky SIM recipients or not?
No email confirmation rec'd.
Did any respondent receive a confirmation other than the on-screen verbiage?
(And even that was not forthcoming on my machine, until I refreshed.)


@mcbs: I am just a wootizen too,haven't heard back on the email I sent, but they have never let me down. I think it is a small company and they might be overwhelmed at the moment, be patient. I also think the rep was up late last night monitoring this thread, so hopefully they will check back soon.


@robguest: now there's an idea :) but please don't ask us to get it done before the day is over. We're swamped


@mcbs: in our testing, it submits quickly and then flashes the 'Congratulations! Your entry was successfully submitted". Send your name and email to and I'll confirm that we got your entry. Thanks!


@countdown: "Wouldn't the sim card be provided anyway if I bought a plan?"

Good Sir or Madam Countdown, I thank thee for thy query, for verily I doth have a passing interest in the answer.

One further inquiry for Master Platinumtel: I note thine electronic placard doth aver, "Survey Ends May 06, 2013 @ 12:00 am (CDT)". Pray tell, estimable merchant, doth this indicate that thine offer of gratis GSM is extended also unto that date?


@pickypickypicky: Thanks, they did reply as you may see above.
I am sorry that my short sentences sound petulant or impatient: it is the curse of having to write briefly. There are ways to convey full, rich meaning in pithy elegance, but they escape me as much as they escaped Shakespeare and his various impostors.

Honestly, the PTEL service is very promising judging from our treatment in this thread. I am IN!

Regards to all.


I forgot to speak like Shakespeare:

E quando
non sapevi, o selvaggio, disbrogliare
il tuo pensiero e mugolavi acute
strida sì come un bruto, a quelli oscuri
tuoi sentimenti ho dato una parola
che li rese palesi.

As you no doubt know, many believe the author of all or most of Shakespeare's works to have been an Italian of the late XVI century.


@platinumtel: Thy email pleases me greatly, thou hast preformed a miraculous deed, beyond what thou hast vowed. :-D

@mcbs: I didn't mean so sound like you sounded petulant, I just figured they were getting slammed right now. So, I am sorry for that, so there.
Also, show off, nice Italian.


My family is in the process of switching over to ptel after finally getting fed up with AT&T's endless torrent of BS. My dad says the service is pretty good and it's probably the best value you can get for prepaid calls + text. I just got my number ported yesterday, which was a bear but I don't think it was ptel's fault.

Spare SIM never hurts though, in for one.


@pickypickypicky: I am sorry that I made it sound like you sounded like I sounded petulant: I actually thought I may have sounded like that unaided, and that is hardly sound even when sounding off.

Why showoff? If the rumors are true, that was original Shakespeare.
Bill sure placed a lot of his theatrical pieces in Italy, no? But back then Braveheart wasn't romantic: it was the evening news... I am surprised the Greek have not tried to claim Shakespeare for their own...


@mcbs: I just cant believe nobody here made any Bacon/ bacon jokes.


@magic cave: I am with you. Otherwise we end up with forums like this.
Dis deel is gud i get to n give 1 2 my bf!