dealsdie hard 25th anniversary blu ray collection for…


Great. The last time this was up from Fry's I bought it, but they oversold and backordered me. I'm cancelling the Fry's one and getting this. Same price.


So they're dumping these now in anticipation of the even MORE definitive package next year, including the fifth movie?

And then THOSE will be dumped when we see "Die Hard SIX: DIE THE HARDEST OF ALL," in which Hans Gruber comes back in 2285, reconstructed as a cyborg from scattered DNA at the Nakatomi building, looking for revenge. John McClane has been in super-secret fake cryogenic suspension (labeled "retirement" in the future) to lure terrorists into action and wields a walker that transforms into dual machine gun/rocket launchers, and drives hover cars into futuristic robot-driven helicopters.

(Actually, I might just watch that film...)

Cough. Anyway, this series has jumped the shark.


Note that, like the previous Die Hard Blu-ray set, this one includes only the PG-13 version of Live Free or Die Hard, and omits the Unrated version, which is (to the best of my knowledge) still available only on DVD.

I would really like to see a Blu-ray release which included both versions.