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I've been more than happy with Coastal regarding their free glasses (I'm on pair #2 now...). Fast shipping, lenses seem perfect, nice selection of frames. You get the frames for free and pay a nominal fee for the lenses and shipping. All in all, I paid a total of $18 for some really great, stylish glasses:


I got my first pair last week. Great pair of glasses.

FYI, if you have crappy vision you don't get the lenses free in this deal, but still much much cheaper then ye olde vision retail store.


I had just asked about this for progressive lenses. The issue becomes making sure things are in the right place so the RX is correct. With astigmatisms that could be a real challenge.


With this code you get the whole pair, frames and lenses free but you pay a shipping fee and a handeling fee. Both of which are between $8 and $10 bucks so you pay $20 or a little less. This company is the fastest, most accurate online eye place I have tried online. I also think they have the best selection and quality but everyone has different tastes.


What really? Seems like a great deal!


I got free pair for each eyeball already. Now I need a free pair for each hand.


This promotion is always going on. I was happy with my first pair of glasses, but since then it looks like they have stopped carrying the 1.74 high index lenses which is really unfortunate for those of us who are 'blind as a bat'. For my next pair I will have to look elsewhere, which is a shame because they have some nice frames.

So boo on you coastal for downgrading on the quality offered, it make me sad because that pair was really good quality.


Just got an eye exam and ordered a pair. Just by comparison...a decent pair of frames and lenses from walmart would cost me roughly $120. With this deal I paid about a third of that (got special coatings on the lenses, so it added $20).