dealssylvania 7” digital picture frame for $17.77 + $5…


Jeez. I remember a couple of years ago when these things were well over a $100.


If only it weren't wide screen. I really don't want to chop off everybody's head. Wide screen is such a scam... it really means "short screen."


DEALNEWS1 coupon code for $5 off order at checkout. That gives you free shipping on the first picture frame.


234 lines of horizontal resolution on a 7" screen? My toy-ish 2.5" photo frame has higher horizontal resolution.


Resolution: 480x234

My camera couldn't take photos with such low resolution if I covered the lens;) This frame is worth MAYBE $5 with free shipping + $5 off coupon. These would sit all day on a table of free giveaways.


For comparison, the resolution is a little lower than the original PSP (480x272), and pixel density much lower since PSP only had a 4.3" screen.


I was just about to come here and talk about the "480 x 234" resolution, but I see it's already been covered.

You'd do better looking at your pics on a 2004-vintage cell phone.


All of you saved my ass. I was looking for a digital frame for my wife to loop the memorial pictures of her late brother. Whew, I was about to pull the trigger when I read the resolution comments.

Thanks again


Just to follow up, I purchased this:

Higher resolution (800x600), 4:3 ratio, thinner display, slideshow ability. $34.99 free shipping for QUALITY