dealsbright color duct tape - 4 pack assorted + $3.99…


I'm going to have the snazziest ducts on the block!


Wait! Found it cheaper elsewhere. $5.99 + $3.99 shipping:

Should I tattle my own deal?


@swaan: nope! gearxs is the absolute worst seller ever. they often never ship, or ship a month late, or send the wrong item, or send their items postage due.


They choose the color of the rolls, there are more than the 4 colors shown here!


I plan to mark my climbing gear with these.

A buddy of mine and his date actually tried for this scholarship for people who wear duct tape clothes to their High School Prom:

Theirs weren't very good though so they didn't win.

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I'm pretty sure these are $1 each at my local dollar store.


Was really tempted by this, but Amazon has fancy colored Scotch duct tape as a better price. This deal is 4 random colored 10-yard rolls for about $12.50 after shipping. Amazon has the Scotch brand fancy colors for $4.50 per 20-yard roll, Prime eligible.

40-yards at Amazon: $9
40-yards with deal: $12.50

Not even considering these are probably off-brand tapes.


Who cant use four roles of colored duct tape... this stuff sells for 5+ at Walmart for crying out loud... good price if they are honest lol


It seems that the new thing is to put funky looking duct tape on new sneakers. My 12YO daughter got new Chuck Taylors and proceed to line the side rubber with black and white checkered duct tape. Go figure, at least she stopped messing with my gray stuff...


My kids make bracelets and neclesses out of this stuff.


I ordered these last month and got white, green, blue and red. not these florescents.