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I wish we could do an unwoot vote, or at least do something like a negative vote. After my experience with the bag 2 school mystery deal, I'm not sure I trust this company. Just keep this in mind if you are interested in buying from them...Definately buyer beware


@kattosha: we will be happy to get the box back for full refund. you have to understand that Mystery Boxes may vary. we shipped over 3K boxes with over 30K of products out to customers.

feel free to contact our customer service manager Kim Adler at 800-438-7516 EX. 127 and she will be happy to help you with your order.

as always customer service is #1 priority


@gearxs: Its' not about returning, its about getting a product to begin with. Its about having emails returned, its about being lied to about product being shipped or shipping. Its about a company that doesn't correct their own overbilling errors when they admit that they knew that they had a problem with paypal.

Its also about other people getting shoddy products with corroded batteries. Its one thing to send a load of useless stuff in a mystery box Thats a risk you run with a mystery box. Its another to send something with corroded batteries, that is actually dangerous and illegal under hazmat shipping regulations.