dealstable top slap shot- nhl (air powered) for $2.99


It's actually not site to store, but rather just in-store pickup. So your location must have the item in stock before you can place your order. Closest store to me that has it is over 100 miles...:-(


Starts at $6.50 shipping cost.

My closest K-Mart didn't have 'em in stock either. So that sucked.


You go in the box, and you feel shame...


My local Kmart has it in stock, woot!


Keep in mind these things are tiny. About the size as an iPad (roughly 13x6)


Grabbed one at my local kmart. Sweet deal, just in time for my kid's birthday!!!


@eeekdageek: You must have one of those JUMBACO iPads. The kmart website puts the dimensions at 19.68"x9.84"x15.74"


@toddles12: actual size is 16" long, not even 19.68 as stated. Picked mine up instore a few hours ago, and it's worth the $2.99, but barely.


Check,they had them for 4.97,if you have shopvantage you can get Free shipping.While you're there grab a couple Cannon Supersize Jumbo Fiber Pillows for $3.14 each !


Looks like somebody was having a bad day. The first like half-dozen comments all have atleast -1 :)

@kamikazeken: Dude. You're purple. ?!

[ed] For some reason lately, I think I keep forgetting to upvote deals. I completely meant to upvote this sometime yesterday, but lo and behold: no vote.


@drchops: I am ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED someone logs on everyday to down-vote every single deal and every single comment.