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Read the reviews carefully. The head can get stuck on these "Green" models. WD has an arcane fix for it, but drive must be plugged in and bootable. Not an ideal scenario, if you're using it as backup storage.
Had a 1 TB go down right after the warranty period.


Good heads-up! That's exactly what I wanted to use this drive for, a non-bootable backup.


I've got WD green drives as the secondary drive on several computers. I've had one fail after the warranty period but many more that are still in use.

Performance will suffer if you use them as a primary drive. I know this from experience. They are a good choice for storing data that isn't constantly accessed.


I have a 2TB WD20EADS that has been running 24/7 for 3.5 years as the only drive in my HTPC. I compared it to my 1TB WD Black with various benchmarks and it averaged only 7MB/sec slower..