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Warranty: 30 Day Return/Exchange
Condition: Like New
Packaging: Plain Box
Manufacturer: Logitech
MFG Part #: 970223-0403

qty discount: 2+ @ $64.88


General Features:
5.1 Surround Sound
"Matrix Mode": Enjoy a 5.1 surround sound effect even from 2-channel stereo sources
Frequency Directed Dual Drivers (FDD2™)
Real-time Bass Equalization
Ported Down-firing Subwoofer with 5¼-inch Drivers
Center Channel LCD Clip
Wall-Mountable Satellite Speakers
Wired Remote Control Pod
Stereo Headphone Jack
Plug and Play
Total RMS power: 70 watts RMS
Satellites: 45 watts RMS (2 x 7.4W front, 15.4W center, 2 x 7.4W rear)
Subwoofer: 25 watts RMS
Total peak power: 140 watts
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz
Satellites: (2) 2-inch drivers per satellite
Subwoofer: 5.25-inch ported driver
Power Specifications:
110 - 120V ~ 60 Hz
Wired Remote Control Pod Features:
Headphone in jack
Power button
Bass level dial
Matrix button
Matrix Mode LED
Volume Control dial


Is that a picture of Wall-e's brother?


I personally own this system and love it. This a good price on it, too. It comes with a little corded remote to control power on/off, volume, and the "matrix mode" or whatever it is called. The center channel has a nifty clip for LCD monitors. Overall, I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you are in the market for new speakers.


Does anyone know if the satellite speakers are wired or wireless, and if wired how long the wires are?


I have a set and I absolutely love them.

@bstebick all of the speakers are wired. I'm not positive exactly how long the cords are, but they're pretty long. If I had to guess I'd say 15' to 20' each. Plus they connect to the back of the subwoofer with an rca jack, so if it's really not long enough you can pick up some rca extensions.


Sketchy site. Read reviews for site, read fine print for returns and on DOA on site. I was tipped by "like new" in prod description.


I own these as well and have them hooked up to my TV and 360. Despite being wired there is a good deal of length to work with. Sound is great with high highs and deep lows. Would recommend them to anyone looking for good quality surround sound without a high price tag.


I've had my set for a couple of years now. I've beat the crap out of them (they've been yanked and dropped many, many times), and they still sound great. These babies can take abuse, if you're kinda clumsy with cords like I am. Though, at this point, the speakers aren't that expensive. I bought mine on sale for around $100, but you can find them lower than that easily. I'd say just spend the few extra bucks and go to a good site to get them.

Amazon has them new for (as low as) $80.


I bought these a couple weeks ago from Logitech and have been very impressed. Only thing I would change are the length of the speaker wires (too short) and # of inputs (only one). Both can be changed w/ some connections from and about $20.


I bought these on sale about 4 weeks ago. They are very clear sounding and very good for the price and I use them for my TV. Be warned they are designed to be hooked up to a sound card, Get the Logitech 5.1 Game Console Adapter that converts RCA plugs To A single 1/8 if you are using them with regular white and red stereo plug ins. That way the sound will always come through all 5 speakers and you can use the 5.1 simulation or not. Depending on how a TV station/DVD encodes its sound, you will want to be able to turn the Matrix sound off or on. I did need an rca extension for one can get one for $2.00. Now when I listen to my friend's sound through their TV speakers, I really notice the difference.


I also got these a few weeks ago. They are definitely good speakers, but in my opinion the cables are a bit short (at least for the front and center speakers). They all plug into the sub, which is beneath my desk, yet my front speakers use up every bit of the cable given (which MIGHT be 5 or 6 feet) just to sit in the back corners of the desk.


Own this as well plan to use them on my ps3 and TV set up. so far tested it on my computer everything worked well and it sounded pretty good. Bought it for 80 bucks plus free shipping from new egg when they had a deal. Missed out when deal woot had a dented box of this guy... still crying. anyway id suggest it.

Cable wires are pretty long (this is a pro for me)
Wall mountable
Sounds are pretty good

those little plastic things at the bottom of the speakers fall off quick

All in all its a good set i didn't find anything really wrong with it yet. Owned it for 3 months now.


the seller has a terribly rating on

i say buyer beware, im definitely not biting on this one.


I got these a few weeks ago as part of a Logitech dented box sale for considerably cheaper. I already had some decent 5.1 Altec Lansing speakers but decided to give these a try because of the price. I was blown away by them with my games (Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, etc.) and the Altec Lansing ones are in the box now.

No experience with this vendor, but I cannot say enough about dealing directly with Logitech as a vendor...and, especially if they have one of their dented box sales!


If you're truly leery about this dealer (I am after reading some reviews and their return policy) HP is offering the speakers for $80 + tax shipped. Not ideal but I'd rather a few extra bucks to know I'll get the right product and new, not "Like New".

I'm still kicking myself for missing the dented box on these a few weeks back.

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I bought the X-530 from for $53, so these don't seem like a great deal, the only real difference is the satellite control pad. They're good for games and watching action movies on the PC. Like most speaker sets of this configuration, the mid-bass from the satellites is almost nonexistent, and the smallish sub is tuned to thump over a fairly limited range, so there's a definite hole int he middle of the spectrum, not so good for music.


Like New = Refurbished

No thanks


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Funny you mention consumer ratings for After two weeks of begging for a phone number for customer support, I finally got someone from (also posts items here) to call and email me. The email came from a account.