dealsdyson dc22 turbinehead canister vacuum for $329…


A solitary but helpful review on Amazon giving this 3/5 stars:

The DC23 is $319 on Amazon with 4.5/5 stars:


I might have jumped on this if the beater bar was motor driven but
"Turbine head with air-driven brush bar"
I've got a vacuum with an air-driven brush bar and it's essentially worthless on carpets.


This is a tread that had a lengthy discussion about the Dyson brand.

I started the tread to see what others thought. Lots of positive reviews but in the end the deal hunter in me showed through and I got a Hoover T Series on a really good sale.


I still have the DC21 model and it does great for us. We have cats mostly, no children and normal house dust/needs. It's not for everyone, but being a Dyson, we've had NO issues that have required using the warranty.


I bought this at the previous Woot! Off. It's a great vacuum. Don't have a problem with the turbine head, even on the carpet. It has no problem spinning.

One slight problem I have is that I have 2 cats. This thing does an AMAZING job sucking up the cat hair. Unfortunately, it sucks up so much, that I need to empty it several times during a vacuuming. It has a very small catch bin.