deals$699: riviera maya – 7 nts all-inc. w/air


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I have reached out for a new link and will replace when I have it.


Need to be signed-up for email before you can get to the link, I think. Also, price depends on departure city. Resort is not specified.


@mishraile: Because the link is broken, and the deal is only valid for one departure city. UnWOOT!like "deal".


Seven nights at the Akumal Beach Resort
Nonstop, roundtrip flights from the U.S. to Cancun
Unlimited meals and drinks including alcohol
Roundtrip airport transfers
All taxes and fees

$699 Austin
$799 Dallas
$849 Kansas City, St. Louis
$879 Denver, Chicago (O'Hare)
$899 Balitmore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lansing, Minneapollis
$1269 Boston


@mcgruber: This link works. Thanks!

It is a good deal, most of these sites can't do pricing from the 1,000s of different airports, so they post the best deal and it's on you to get to that airport. @wolfwood1 posted the pricing from other major airports. It is very reasonable.

There is a $100 upgrade available to a 4-star hotel too.


@mishraile: People on here hate TravelZoo because they think it is bait & switch when they advertise "as low as"... They think they should get the same price from Anchorage to fly to Jamaica as the person living in Miami.

When you join, you get a weekly email, no spam etc. They advertise for travel companies. They tell you about their top 20 travel deals. I have found out about some great deals from them.


My issue with them is that you have to sign up to see anything at all. Let me look at the deal, see the various prices and then judge if I want to give you my info.

Their site is no different than all the other sites that require you to sign up before you can see what's for sale. And those sites will always, always get my downvote as they come across as nothing more than scammy email harvesting systems.

They may not in fact be scammy. They may be the single best site on the entire intarwebz, but I'll never know as I won't sign up just to see their offerings and they will never get a dime from me as long as that's their practice.


I gotten great deals from Travelzoo. They send one email a week with top 20 deals and rarely anything else. I have stayed at just about every resort in the Playa del Carmen area and they are all good. Use your miles to get to Austin. Cheapskates.


Here's the problem. Right now you can get a much better deal for $1000 more that will take you AND your 3 other family members to a better location. This deal sucks to be honest and for the first half of the day I couldn't even get to it. Also Woot is selective with email sign-up deals. I don't like that. Be fair across the board. Allow them or don't.


@mishraile: Travelzoo is a scam site = insta-downvotes