dealssharper image literati wireless e-reader for $69…


i had one of these and loved it. it won't change your life, it gets glare-y in the sun, and requires an immediate wi-fi only update to the software. i don't read outside (nature is icky). love the simple things like the ability to drastically change the font size (5 settings from super small to extra large) and the ability to change to a black background with white text (great for reading at night).

is it as fancy as a kindle/nook? nope. is it a pretty sweet e-reader for a great price? totally. mine was recently stolen and i really really really wish i had it back. will likely be buying.

thanks again, @thefenst!


i bought 2 and now all my friends who have the "kindle" are looking to change. This is so simple to use/set-up. Its sharper image and 10 different light settings are brilliant for in bed night time use. 2 BIG thumbs UP :) from this customer


Love mine, too..but pardon my stupidity--when I turned it on, the only ebook loaded was Tom Sawyer. How do I get the other 149??