dealssirius satellite radio listen free feb 1 – feb 14…


No good IMO. No Howard Stern channels, only thing really wort listening to on Sirius, besides sporting events if you're out of your teams region.


Actually Sirius has lots of very good music stations free from the mind numbing rubbish advertisements that exist just about everywhere else.
GOOD free preview


I promised Sirius that I would publicly tell the story of their shoddy customer service so here it is...

In October of last year my online account was put into state of disarray. It told me to call customer service. I called customer service...they couldn't access my account. They claimed they would raise a ticket and solve the issue. 2 weeks passes, nothing. I contact online support, nothing. I contact phone support, nothing. 2 more weeks go by and still false promises of fixing my account. In December I decided to contact e-mail support...more false promises of fixing my account.

My accounts were up for their annual renewal and I start getting notices from Sirius that my credit card on the account is expired...since my account is not accessible by me or their service department I can't renew my service or update my credit info. So, my accounts are gone. My access is no more and I will never go back to Sirius., pandora, etc will beat them into oblivion.
End Rant.


So I have to admit. I somehow downvoted this deal by accidnt but did not notice it until it was too late to change it. Sorry!


to counter thewidup's comment.... I replaced my unit that quit working with my mom's old unit she was not using anymore. I had just got a year subscription for mine and a month later it went out so i called with the SSID of my mom's old unit and normally you have to pay a fee to transfer from one radio to another. well i think it was like $50 or something but they waived the fee and gave me a month extra for the problem i had with the unit.

i love my sirius. Ill never go back to regular radio again. I listen to Octane 99.9% of the time and love it. Love being able to program artists and songs I like and know when they come on. +1 for sirius


My Sirius experience left a lot to be desired. If you have Pandora on your mobile phone you are not missing anything on Sirius. When I decided having Sirius and Pandora was redundant Sirius made it extremely difficult to cancel the service. We were put on hold 20-30+ minutes. Passed around till the call was dropped. We're given deal after deal 5 months for $20 just to go through the same ordeal. It's just not worth it in my opinion


Thanks for posting the deal.

I signed up for a free account but where do I go to sign in? When I attempt to sign in with my email address and the password they provided me via email, it fails to recognize my credentials and doesn't allow logging in.

Has anyone signed up and logged into their account on the website?