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It looks pretty neat, but I can't find any info on it at all, other than the 5000mah. I have no idea what the output is (2A? 1A? 0.5A?) which makes me a bit wary.
But I'm tempted to get one just for the transformer aspect.


@chithing: I also wasn't able to find any info regarding the output, do you know by any chance what is the return policy? I would like to buy it and as long as it's more than 1A I would probably keep it...


@yaacov: yah, hard to look up anything on it when there does not appear to be a model number. Adding it to the cart does not include a model number. And don't know what to think of the "Fine Life" branding.

That they repeat "mah" in their description rather than "mAh" is not a good sign. If they're not proudly listing 2 or even 1 amp output then it might be safer to assume it has an output limit of 0.5 amp.

BTW, noticed in the cart their customer service number is not toll free. 423 area code.


@yaacov: The brand is either finelife or fine life (hard to tell), but there's really no info that I can find about any of this. I've never had to return anything to That Daily Deal, so I have no idea how simple it is. I do know that their shipping times can fluctuate a good bit, but I've never had anything not show up.
@bluemaple makes some good points, too.
Good luck.


This usually works.

@thatdailydeal: Can someone answer the questions posted about this item? Thanks!

They're also responsive to emails. Send questions to if you don't want to call.