dealssymantec norton antivirus 2013 (3 pcs) free after…


Please don't feed the beast. Even though it is free you still have to get a subscription after a period of time...

Use free anti-virus software such as Microsoft Security Essentials from here...
This is built into Windows 8 so you do not need anti-virus for Windows 8.


I'm not a huge fan of Norton - back in the day, they really made things challenging. I actually currently am using Security Essentials (and Comodo firewall) on my Windows 7 PC.

However, after reading the security roundup from MaximumPC's latest magazine, they gave Norton a 10 - Kick Ass award - the only security product out of 10 reviewed to receive it. They had some small niggling complaints, mainly about scan times, but overall, it scored better against real world and synthetic threats than any of the other programs reviewed. While I don't have the magazine in front of me, Microsoft Security Essentials scored a 6 or 7 out of 10, I believe.

I've had good success with MSE, but if I can get software that does a better job, with a smaller impact on performance, and all I have to do is make sure a rebate comes back to get it free? I'll do it. And next year, when this subscription is up, I'll either find another free after rebate deal or go back to Avast, AVG, or MSE.


I won't deal with rebates no matter how good the deal is.
The company depends on you forgetting to send in the complicated requirements.
Why go through the rebate sham? Sell the thing for the right price at the beginning.


I took Newegg up on this offer and received my rebate within a month (actually, it seems like it only took a week or two). Very fast. Have been using Norton for five problems so far.


Norton is horrible software. Really the free stuff is just as good, if not better than norton, and it doesn't bog down your system like norton can. Even at free its not worth the pain.


@steelwells: I personally gave up on MSE... they seem to be going downhill fast... they've lost AV-TEST certification and did poorly on several other tests. I would suggest you take a look at Bitdefender Free Edition (it's not like their old one --- this one provides real-time / on-access protection like AVG, Aast, and MSE but with their award winning engine... ALTHOUGH it doesn't play nice with Comodo Firewall.