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What are the chances that I can just buy the software, get the free Kindle, and then return the software for a refund?


It says below the t&cs

▪ If you return the discounted item, the discount previously applied to the item will be subtracted from your return credit.


read the last 20 most recent reviews, looks like the program has gone down the brown river


This is for the Ad-supported Kindle.


Think about it, people... if a product sucks so bad that they have to give you a FREE KINDLE to induce you to buy it, you probably shouldn't buy it! Read some of the many 1-star reviews on and see what you're getting yourself into...


Anyone who knows anything about learning a foreign language knows that Rosetta Stone is great. All those 1-star reviews were from inbred morons who expected to be speaking fluently in a week.


I haven't played with Rosetta Stone (I'm too "thrify" / cheap).
But I have played with the Pimsleur version (audio CD's from my library) -- and it works pretty well.

I don't get feedback with the audio CD's, but I can complete a lesson on my commute each day (30 mins/lesson on average), so I've been able to stick with it (level 3b is the last that my library had). The other downside is though I can listen/speak, reading isn't there at all, so I still mess with Google translate when writing emails (though I understand the translation).

Now, I don't think I'll pass as a German... but I think I'll be able to understand German sesame street, and I can usually pick out words in a bit of context so I don't think I'll be /entirely/ lost when I go there next month....


No Japanese. Well, passing on this offer then. Wish they offered all their languages.


Bummed to hear the online immersion section only lasts for 3 months then you have to pay extra to extend it.


@thormj: The upside is that your pronunciation is probably better. I think that seeing a romanized spelling screws with people's accents 'cause they rely too heavily on sounding it out. I've been studying Mandarin from the Pimsleur courses for this exact reason.


Well, after reading the comments here and going to amazon, I'm undecided about Rosetta Stone. Even with the Kindle, it seems pricey. I think I'll try a few free resources before I pay out that kind of money.


Rosetta Stone is minimal at best. You can get the same thing for free at your library. Not worth it.


Well I Really Wanted The Fire Lol But I Don't Care For Rosetta Stone My Girlfriend Is From Brazil And I Love The Language So Much And I Wanted To Surprise Her So I Started Using Rosetta Stone Because I Wanted To Propose To Her In Portuguese But It Was I Don't Know Not Accurate, Hard, And Doesn't Show You How Someone From Brazil Really Talk's And That Is What I Wanted So Six Month's I Tried And In The End She Caught Me Lol And For The Next Six Month's She Helped Me With My Port And I Learned So Much More That Way Then With Rosetta Stone So I Wanna Say Te Amo Marcia :)(: