dealstoshiba wifi ready blu-ray player bdx2150 for $49…


was going to post this earlier until I started to read the reviews. Not very promising and it supposedly only works with a Toshiba dongle that cost around 99$


found the WiFi adapter for 50 on amazon


Anyone think one could get a cheap wireless router, ddwrt it, and hook up the BD player to the wireless bridge?


Cheap connect option: get a Netgear WNCE2001 wireless adapter.

I've seen them for as low as $15.00 refurbed, $40 on sale.

Plug it directly into the ethernet port (the player has one), or if you have a switch, then hook up an entire entertainment system. They (WNCE2001) are absolutely are fantastic.

Disclaimer: No, it's not gigabit; yes, it would be better if the B.R player already included wireless; yes, there may be other applicable solutions; and yes, you're probably smarter than me.... etc, etc, etc


... Oh, one other thing: Since the WNCE2001 can be powered via a USB port, you can power teh WNCE2001 using the USB port on the B.R. player even without adding additional power plug-in requirements.


Instead of going through the hassle of adding wifi to this player etc...I would highly recommend the Best Buy Dynex Blu Ray player for $79.99. I have had this for a few weeks and LOVE it. There have been 3 or 4 firmware updates already which added YouTube, HuluPlus, and a couple other movie options...this player has HDMI as well as component out - from what I remember when shopping around the Toshiba units did not have this option. The Dynex also has wifi BUILT IN as well as hard wire - I tried both and they work great either way. So for $79.99 you get everything you need and don't need the hassle of trying to get adapters, etc... Here's the url: . ...and no I don't work for Best Buy! ;-)


One more positive on the Dynex - the case is much smaller than most blu ray players which I also really like!


@hkwootme: I was going to make the point that some people might want a wider unit to fit in their component stacks, but this toshiba isn't a standard width, either! How annoying! And it's just a bit smaller than standard.