dealstaco bell | free chicken flatbread sandwich combo…


Or you could donate $20 to a charitable organization, feel better about yourself (mentally and physically), and keep you and your giftee healthy.

Seriously, a free 99 cent item for spending $20 on something ridiculously unhealthy is just absurd. But I suppose this will be a big hit, considering this country's obsession with fast food and nonchalant attitude toward eating healthy.



And it ends on Dec. 25th, which is outstanding comedy. The perfect stocking-stuffer for your fat family!


@sharpjm, It's a free chicken flatbread COMBO, geez. It's actually the sandwich along with 2 crunchy tacos and a drink. Worth 4 bucks... so there...


Damn, I'm pretty sure $20 is like a year's worth supply of Taco Bell.


If only I were still in college...


@kylemittskus: I know I was thinking the same thing. Taco bell was like my holiday for Ramen, within walking distance from campus and always cheap. Free meal and 20 saved up for later, can't justify it now since I tend to avoid the areas of town where there is one, but this is kind of like a college dream come true =)


I cannot eat at Taco Bell. Reason 1: I live in Texas, so I've had really good mexican (or tex-mex) food, and Taco Bell is a far cry from it. Reason 2: Taco Cabana. Need I say more? Okay, well, they actually have good tortillas. Reason 3: Their picadillo (or their extremely flimsy excuse for it) is less than 30% beef, yech.


@zasharon: Oh how I envy you for having access to amazing Tex Mex. You have now made me cry.


@sharpjm: OMG you're right...everyone who touches Taco Bell gets fat and NO ONE who eats it occasionally is in good shape. Like...those of us who work really hard all day and end up burning 4000 calories a day. How bout instead of assuming that anyone who goes there is a fat sack of crap, maybe realize that some people recognize risks of crappy food, or just don't need to care, and let us eat our own diet. kthx.


moar like DULLjm, amirite brahs?


where can i buy a taco bell card? keeps sending me to the website but you can't purchase there i called 10 taco bells locally and nobody sells them.