dealsfree android phone with $25 chili's purchase


Free Android App. Not a free phone.


@glbbrown: You should probably click the link and read what it says before you jot a little comment down. just sayin'.


Fulfilled by Simplexity: Fancy way of saying


"Place an order of $25 or more at and we'll offer you a FREE Android smartphone with new 2 year plan plus data feature. You will receive a message to your new phone with a link to download the Chili's Android app. You can find a restaurant, browse the menu, get coupons, and get Chili's To Go - anytime, anywhere."

So basically, we buy $25 of and they'll text us a link to their add-filled app if we sign up for a 2 year contract with wirefly and get a freebie low-end phone? The same freebie phone we'd get if we signed a 2 year contract on wirefly without buying $25 of food... and not get ad texts or an ad app?

What's the point?


This is a very odd promotion. How does it make sense to market Chilis To Go and (presumably crappy) mobile telephony together?


Buy dinner - get a free phone! It's marketing genius! ...Or not.


@lumpthar: I had the exact same question. Did Chili's buy some into the mobile technology world or are they getting some sort of kick back from the phone companies? Weird.


It seems you don't even have to buy the food. Just click on the link that says "Get your phone now!" You can choose phones/plans from Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile. I have to say, though, the deal is no better than you can get almost anywhere.


Gotta vote this down. Most carriers have a "free" android phone they will give you with a 2 year who cares