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Cool! Or is that "Hot Eats, cool treats"?


I love the smell of the inside of a Dairy Queen. It reminds of of being a kid, most ice cream places have a similar scent, but DQ defines it.


Take me to Burger King. Fifty cents ice cream cones.


What's this got to do with Warcraft?


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Warcraft and Starcraft??? Pfff.



DQ soft serve is awful. Not creamy, just frozen. The mouthfeel is all wrong.


@fgarriel: That's like saying "McDonalds' dollar-menu cheeseburgers are awful. Not juicy, just tasteless thawed meat." You don't go to Dairy Queen expecting to receive gourmet ice cream from a machine that uses mass-produced engineered mixes.


@bandrik: Hilarious!!!! Things have sure changed, even at the old faithful DQ! That is why I go for the Buster Bars. But a blizzard would be fine - mix some goodies in and I'm good to go. Sometimes you can get the person behind the counter to put in 2x the goodies. Mmm.


@bandrik: I see your point, but I don't think it's a valid comparison. I can get good soft serve ice cream out of similar machines produced by low-wage staff for about the same price that DQ sells its stuff for. Even McDonald's soft serve quality exceed DQ. DQ is practically soft serve skim milk (in terms of how rich it tastes). Rita's seems to be able to make an ice cream that beats the pants off both of those places too. And all of them are selling sub-$5 treats.

I don't begrudge anyone for liking it. I'm not smug about it. Hell, I'm on their email list and buy it a couple times a year. I just wish the mix quality were better.


Now that there is a new DQ that is only 2 hours away from home by car, maybe I can make use of this offer before it expires.

Oh, Dairy Queen. Why hath thou foresaken my town?




@fgarriel: Okay, that makes sense, now that you put it that way. I thought you were making a blanket statement against all fast-food soft-serve ice cream places. So yeah, I agree, Dairy Queen soft serve isn't very good. It used to be pretty tasty, but that may be just my childhood nostalgia talking.

I still enjoy a Butterfinger Blizzard from time to time.


There was a tv news tabloid (20/20?) spot I saw about how food companies create/discover/engineer flavors so that the taste is good, but fleeting... encouraging you to consume more so that you buy more. That's what I think of when I get a Blizzard. The first bite is (relatively) delicious, but the ice cream leaves your mouth too soon. So you eat more. and more. and more.

And by the end, it's a little melted and you start to realize that the consistency is all off.

I just never feel happy/satisfied when I eat a Blizzard. I always think, "Oh why did I just eat that?"... a feeling I don't have when indulging on "better" crap ice cream. Perhaps DQ (intentionally or not) managed to nail the fleeting flavor thing early on when it mixed it's soft serve in a giant cup with various forms of junk food. (The irony here is that I now really want a Blizzard, if for nothing else, then to say, "See! See what I mean?!?!"


20/20. Quality journalism at it's bestest.


@fgarriel: I haven't worked at a DQ in years, so take this for what it's worth. We heard this all the time, especially once a Culvers opened up in my hometown. The reason is just as you said, it is skim milk - DQ has always been about low fat and Milk-Fat is where ALL ice cream goods get their flavor from. Take a look at all the nutritional information sheets for the different fast food places to see what the have (I'm far too lazy and there are like 3 "specialty" ice cream and froyo places near me that I just say "eff that cheap (profanity)!" these days). It might surprise you, or might not.

Another thing is that my boss only ever taught 3-4 of us at a time how to clean the machines - they were very expensive and very difficult to clean perfectly. Just a TINY bit off and it could severely effect the flavor and/or leave rancid milk-particles hanging where your nice ice cream could touch it. Maybe your local DQ doesn't teach their people right? And do you trust McEmployees?


That being said, BOGO means I might have to drive across Tampa to go find me a DQ!