dealsneil degrasse tyson: my favorite universe for $34…


I am absolutely in for one!! Thank you VERY much for posting this!


Who doesn't love him? My GF HATES him. He killed Pluto!!! :)


My wife and I have used the thegreatcourses. com for about 23 years. We have the VHS tapes to prove it. They are fantastic. Sometimes my wife pays full price, something like $200 for a really long course. But she will watch them over and over. Especially the Physics lectures.Their history Lectures are amazing as well.

Once or twice we hated an instructor and they accepted a return from us. I think this is a awesome deal. Especially for someone who is so well known.

Yes he killed Pluto. More importantly he killed my ability to say my grandmother went to college with the guy who discovered Pluto.


@markmc27: She still went to college with the guy who discovered Pluto. She just didn't go to college with a guy who discovered a planet.