dealsplanet earth: complete bbc series [blu-ray…


I have a Panasonic DMP-BDT310, it says on the link you provided prior to firmware "......."
I purchased it 2/9/12.

I've updated firmware on line when it calls for it? I know on a computer how to check driver/firmware revisions, not sure on this peripheral. Any idea-

Do you know if it will work, I'd like to be in.



@extech01: i didn't see the BDT310 listed in the link i provided. see page 15 of the user manual to read about firmware:

(not sure if this shows you the current firmware version)


I know that this one has been on the internet's list for ages, but I really need to know if i need to own this. Hubby and I do love some docus (mostly science based), and we definitely extra enjoy things that look fantabulous on our fancy schmancy tv, but do we really need to own this?


@smtatertot13: I truly enjoyed this set but like everything it is not for everyone. That said there are some amazing pics/scenes and the how they did it part was very interesting as well. I have told friends they should watch it, and for those that have they have really liked it. JM2C