dealscraftsman pocket telescope magnetic pick-up tool…


I have one of these and it's one of those things you leave in your tool box for a while but when you need it, it's the best thing on earth!
Good price and they make good gifts. Also helpful if you drop your keys between the fridge and the wall ... not that I've done that.


Normal price $3.99...still pretty useful though.


@hiteklolife: Which makes it almost 33% off. Pretty good deal.


These are great. And, like has been said, they work when nothing else will do. I would buy some, but I already have one in every place I might need it.

The ones I have also have a LED light in the end, but they cost a bit more....


I don't think it's strong enough to pick up a telescope.


@kvenisn: In less I read it wrong, the powercap should shield it from attaching to telescopes.


"Free in-store pickup" only applies if the store has it in stock - no free ship-to-my-nearest-store option, and no shipping option at all. The only one of eleven stores around me is an outlet type, around 60 miles away.

In for none, woulda been three.


@kvenisn: I think it would work for a Submillimeter Telescope.

My question is, what if you want to use it to pick up stuff at home and not in the store?