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Sparkfun always has it at $39.95 plus shipping. If you want to add a wireless dongle and an HDMI cable or anything else that adds another $20.05, you can get free shipping after $60.00.


Allied electronics has it for $35 plus shipping click get a pi


@doctorbow: Plus shipping - How much is shipping?


great little computer - I have two of them both running XBMC - makes a great small home theater pc and does run 1080p!


How difficult are these to set up? I'm a computer tech by trade and a tinkerer by heart. I'm the kind of guy who will root his nook, or hack an iOpener (if anyone remembers those) into a PC.


@sflesch: Easy for you. Simply put linux image on a SDCard and off you go!


@sflesch: Really? And you've never heard of a Raspberry Pi?
(innocent voice) You should check this little site out...(/innocent voice)



fwiw, I'm seeing a price of $40.60 w/ free prime shipping when I click the link on amazon right now.


As a follow up, I just bought a Roku, but I'm somewhat disappointed that I can't pull a stream from my Windows Media Center TV Tuners. I like Plex though for my local content and am considering PlayOn.

I can handle these environments better than Linux. Are there typically add-ons or do things need to be complied and run from command line?


@sflesch: do you know how we know you didn't visit the R-Pi site?

I've played with one a tiny bit. It is just a barebones computer. (Old ARM cpu, with ridiculous GPUs for great video when using the provided libraries. Not all aps are converted. Yet.) How much you need to do depends on which software you decide to load. If you load a canned package, all you'll need to do is copy a file to the SD card and accept any updates. Most of the packages are general purpose desktop environments with a focus, often teaching programming. However, there are other packages, e.g. media center, web server, etc. I haven't tried those. And, if you decide to create your own custom use, yeah you'll probably be compiling code, even writing it. (But, your Nook is "just Linux" with an e-reader ap on top. Android phones & tablets are "just Linux" with a phone/touch UI on top. If a canned package matches your needs, an R-Pi can be as simple as those to maintain. But what's the fun in that?)


You don't need to have Prime to get the free shipping from Amazon. It's over $35 so you can get FSS.


@sflesch: I love my Raspberry Pi and use it with Plex, using the RasPlex OS on the Raspberry Pi. I have been ripping all my DVDs and Blurays to MKV files. I had to buy the Codecs to play the MKVs (about $6) but it works pretty good. I have a 12tb Synology NAS drive and an HP i5 PC with 16gb of RAM.


Get one of these with your pi - its 3 amp power supply gives you enough juice to power the pi and whatever peripherals you want.


Thanks all for the insight. FYI:

I have heard of the device before. I think I recall seeing it on Kickstarter. If I had the money back then, I would seriously have considered investing, Just because.

I do realize the android/linux connection. I like my stuff prepackaged. Good to know there is that stuff out there.

I do need my stuff up and running quickly and to not be down and have me have to go through and redo or research anything, so maybe I'll pick one up down the road to mess with.I like all the accesories available on Amazon!


@sflesch: you like it up and running quickly. Weird tho. Being a pudding pop you've never heard of Jello.


Allied Electronics has them for $35.00 + $5.75 shipping (to my location in California) with an additional $2.63 in tax making it a total of $43.38