dealsnebo csi edge 50 lumen water resistant tactical…


$4.99 shipping, no thanks. I'll pass.


This is an excellent every-day-carry flashlight. It is very well constructed and feels super solid.

Its durability was tested when I lost it in my mother's front yard in the summer and she found it while cutting the grass the following spring. After a winter of rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, it turned on without hesitation--with the original alkaline battery, too!

The rear button doesn't glow any more, but I've had it now for two years.

My favorite feature is the rubber grip. Its placement is perfect for holding the light in your mouth while working with both hands. After two years the rubber hasn't rotted, split, or broken down at all.


Doesn't state what kind of led it uses.

Here are some lights for around the same price I would recommend more:

These is an incredibly popular and versatile light and similar models can be found on a variety of sites including ebay and amazon.

Simple, good led, lots of happy reviews.

Haven't tried this one myself, but similar to the SIPIK with a different style. Also very well reviewed.

Romisen is one of the most respected budget flashlight brands.

Might be a bight too complicated for some, but offers a lot of features.


Sorry if it seems like I'm pushing Deal Extreme, these lights can be had from other retailers, it's just a site I use regularly and like.


Nebo stuff is garbage, when you get it you'll think hey this is a great deal, but that fades just like the light output until you understand you've been had in 3-4 months, and they don't care.