dealsoutback steakhouse: 4-course meal for $15.00


so basically the four least ordered things on the menu...


No Alice Springs Chicken? :(


@stephen6789: Actually, the outback special sirloin is on there, and it's never been dissapointing. Also, it's $15, which is about the price of an entree at most places, right?


This sounds great except:
1) you don't know if your local Outback participates in this offer (says so on the website)
2) the price may be different at your local Outback (says so on the website)
3) no dates on when this offer is valid
4) the "product" offers vary by location (says so on the website)
5) finding your local Outback on the website does not answer any of the above questions.


@zerozenx: This was my wife's reaction as well. But she is going out on a limb and trying the special sirloin on the next visit.


@stephen6789: Not exactly. The Outback special sirloin is on there, and it's one of the most popular menu items.


There's nothing good for main course options.