dealsbattlefield 3 limited edition for pc / ps3 / xbox…


Just bought it from best buy by price matching. make sure u guys get the limited edition and not the regular one.


You should get the limited edition because it gives you Back to Karkland for free when it's released in December.
Also BF3>mw3


@gelst: I'll agree.. atleast im not paying $50 more/year to jump in on their newest get rich and screw you over scheme...

Ignorance is bliss... but i guess being rich is too ;)
Wish my mommy and Daddy paid for everything i wanted..
Actually wait..i dont, I enjoy the fact im not being set up for failure ;)


@stealth41: hey stealth, did you still have to go pick it up?


Too bad the closest Frys to Philly is in freaking Indiana! Upvote for all you midwesterners anyway.