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@zippy the pinhead - I am not sure where or why you are so negative about this product if you have never even tried it and it is an amazon product, so get your facts straight, sometimes synthetic is better than the original, so get your story straight first before being so negative about something you have never owned or bought before


@amandasmsprod: OK here goes:
1) I DO own many of these and have used them for years. They were originally from Germany and have since been copied by Chinese manufacturers. They are ALL the same material, which is a synthetic chamois. Chamois is an animal byproduct of either the chamois (animal) or sheepskin (much more common).
2) Amazon does not make ANYTHING. They are a reseller and aggregator of goods & services.
3) I was negative about YOUR DEAL. Compared to just about all other 'chamois/chammy/shammy' products available online or in local dollar store & big box retailers, the price for the deal you posted was VERY HIGH. That is why I offered some examples for comparison.
4) Next time, take a few minutes to compare what you are posting to the other offers out there in the world. I have been on the various Woot! sites for years (check my stats) and don't play favorite or single out users for no reason either. I try to be fair in my criticisms and upvote as many posts as I downvote.