dealschewy edge brownie for $5.98


I picked this up a few months back, it makes fantastic brownies. The only problem I had with it is that it needs a very narrow spatula. I ended picking on up on ebay for a few bucks.


I don't like the chewy edges. I like the center pieces of brownie. Isn't there a way to make brownies without edge pieces? Some kind of space brownie. Maybe Google can push some money into it's development.


@mmischke: I too am glad for the center pieces. The chewy outsides are just the nasty crusty parts of a brownie to me. I never was a fan of crust in my lunch growing up.

Edit: Don't get me wrong,I'll never turn down a brownie, it's just hard to beat the perfection of a crustless brownie.


I prefer my brownies prechewed. At the very least run through a food processor. Who would want texture in their food?