dealsmagic lighting™ 3w,5w,9w multi-color changing led…


Can anyone elaborate on why the 5W is more expensive than the 9W, they seem to have the exact same features.

Also, this isn't much of deal.


Found it on Amazon as well.
The 9W LED Bulb they sell for ~15$ + shipping is only 10$ on Amazon with eligibility for Free Super Shipping Saving.


The three most important things to know when buying light bulbs are:

1. Lux
2. Color Temperature in Kelvin
3. Light Distribution Pattern.

The Lux is a measurement of how bright the bulb is. They tell you how many watts but you cannot convert that to brightness because there's loss in the efficiency factors. Just because an LED takes more power does not mean it's brighter.

The Color Temperature is not as important in this case since the color can be changed via remote. However, it would be nice to know if you can get white light from these. I prefer temperatures of 5000 - 6500 Kelvin.

The Light Distribution can sort of be determined by looking at the bulb but you never know. The 5W looks like a spot light so don't expect it to light up your room. The 9W one seems to have a diffuser on it so it might have a more omnidirectional pattern. These are just guesses.


and the $3.99 shipping is per bulb, regardless of how many you buy. Get 10, your looking at $40 shipping. Thank you no.


@rashyaa: The only thing I can see is that maybe the 5W has additional color-changing/fade programs. Not sure though.


@superninja: Not the same product. The one you linked to uses the E14 socket and the GearXS version is the E27. The E27 is what is mostly used in the US.


AMEN!!Kamikazeken. I bought one of their super blow out deals last year. Paid on day one they shipped 4 days after their last shipping date and it was all trash including a fist full of broken pens. They only work 6 hours a day 4 days a week. To top it off they asked me to rate them and when I gave them a bad rating they bugged me for two months to change it. AVOID these guys like the plague is right!


Gearxs is a terrible company, any product bought from them is throwing money in the trash. Their customer service is completely awful and your product will inevitably break. Complete crap, The People at woot must ban them!


@cengland0: Actually, E26 is the US standard, but the sizes are so close (26mm vs 27mm), they can be used interchangeably. The trouble arises when you attempt to use an E27 bulb that is made for 220-240 volts AC, rather than 110 volts AC.

These bulbs are universal voltage, so they should work anywhere. I just wanted to point that out in case someone here goes looking to buy bulbs in bulk from Alibaba or somewhere and sets their house on fire.


@cajun01: Wow! Did they have the power to delete @kamakaziken's comment to make up for your bad review. It's no longer in the comments section. hmmmmmmm......weird! Thanks for the heads up! :)


@kamikazeken: I didn't see your previous comment but the one you re-posted wasn't all that informative except you had a bad experience. Why? Did you get robbed?


and again kamikazeken had his comment taken down... was whatever he said really that offensive, or did it just shine too much of a light on GearXS??


and I'll keep reposting it. Wooters deserve to know the history of this terrible company!

woot staff, why do you keep removing my 100% HONEST reviews from the gearxs deals? Shame on you, whoever decided to remove a 100% ACCURATE AND HONEST REVIEW simply because gearxs is a paid sponsor. I really thought woot was different than those sites that hide negative reviews in return for cash... my review of gearxs is based on my experience with them last year on deal they had here on deals.woot, and people should what kind of company this is.

As I Said earlier:

I would be in for 2 or 3 of these, except it's GEARXS...
last year I had the single worst customer experience of my 40+ years with gearxs. In my opinion and experience, their activities border on criminal. Their lies and deceptive business practices made me hate this company so much that I plan to have "Avoid GearXS like the plague!" CARVED INTO MY TOMBSTONE.

If you have a legitimate reason for removing my posts, email me.


@kamikazeken: Did some investigating. Here's what I was able to find out -

Your comments have been considered excessive as the incident you refer to happened over a year ago. Deals staff has personally reached out to you by email and you have never responded. It has been determined long ago that your situation was handled.

I hope that addresses your concern.


@inkycatz: one woot staffer emailed me a year ago and asked if there was anything they could do to make me stop posting negative reviews on gearxs. ONE TIME. I DID RESPOND, and that was the end of my contact with woot on the matter, so please don't say I didn't respond. I still have the emails saved. including the one from gearxs saying that they would only send the item I paid for if I removed my negative reviews.

My fellow wooters deserve to know the type of company they are dealing with before they spend any money with gearxs.


@kamikazeken: Thanks for the heads up, I was going to buy a few of these, but will look for another seller. Companies with poor customer service deserve to be starved out of existence.


@kamikazeken: Lets see these emails then
Holding a product you paid for hostage seems like pretty poor business practice

And keep in mind how incredibly easy it is to forge an email


Agreed..... I wouldn't take a product from gearxs if you gave it to me.... Did business with them once almost a year ago outside of woot and never again.... AVOID AT ALL COSTS....... Some might have a good experience, and that's good... but too many bad experiences including mine... not worth it. It's hard to believe woot would associate with such a negatively regarded company... Paid sponser huh? I guess money talks.....


I think we the wooters have the right to know when a company has done any wrongdoing. The fact that @kamikazeken's incident happened a year ago doesn't really change the validity of his argument. Some of us only purchase items from these companies once in a blue moon, so it shouldn't matter when it happened. It's relevant.

I've observed woot over the past few months, and it seems they are sliding downhill as of late.... and their actions in this thread seem to fortify that. Such a shame...


You all seem to forget that Woot was bought up by Amazon a while ago


This is the first time I have ever commented. Woot offers great deals but i always count on the comments before making a purchase. However, the response given to @kamikazeken is very disturbing. Actually shocking. If that is their definition of handling a customer complaint then they need to reevaluate their policy.


IR remotes on a light bulb = epic fail. If it's not RF you'll regret it in 95% of the applications you might use it in.


These look cool, but the negative comments on GearXS customer service makes me want to look elsewhere...

Quick search on ebay yields a ton of cheaper results, some with free shipping too:

cxl cxl

I just got the SD card from them today, it was as described, but they didn't put enough shipping on it and I ended up paying the difference on delivery.


@haydnz35: that's another scam of theirs. If you read the ebay feedback they have for the last few months, they seem to do that a lot. Particularly on items that offer free shipping.


@superninja: Good job. As far as I can tell, you got the same product this time. And, at $8.04 each, that's a better deal after you consider the shipping factor from gearxs.