deals"we've got some work to do now" - t-shirt for $20…


Cool shirt, but $20? Not really a deal.


Velma was always the hotter one.


Oh no! The side says "R.I.P. S&F&D" ? ? ? ? ?

How could you? I bet that's Shaggy's zombified hand Scoob's got in his mouth.


@geekamusprime007: I've posted from this site before. Their prices aren't the cheapest, but they offer some designs that no one else does, and most are only offered for one day. Personally, I think that it takes more than just a cheaper price to make something qualify as a "deal."


@belyndag: Threadless isn't a daily shirt site. They have a large catalog of designs available for weeks or months at a time. Keep an eye out for their sales, though, because prices drop to more of a $10-15 range.


I got this shirt twice for $10, one for me and one for my sister after she saw mine and got jealous. Just wait for the sales!