dealssunpak sp-charger-01 4-position aa\aaa charger…


I love these and they are $4 cheaper than the same set I bought from a woot-off!


I bought two sets of these for the same price Sunday on tech.woot and received them yesterday. I already have a better charger, but it's a good price for the batteries. And they are pretty and sparkly.

I may donate the chargers to Goodwill or something, although they are in plain white boxes. Maybe I'll ask my coworkers it they need a charger.

Anyway, this is a good price for just the batteries.


Great batteries, but be sure to get a real charger... something like this:

(I'm not saying that's the best price you can find for the BC500, just that it is a good charger.)

It's important to have a charger that will charge each battery individually, rather than in pairs.