dealsdredd [3d blu-ray/blu-ray + digital copy…


I loved this movie. Bought it sight unseen at Walmart for $13 plus tax. They might still have it in-store at that price.


@mysteryd8: 3D Bluray discs at Walmart, at that price? Good to know.


@daiuy: Just that one. It completely caught me off guard. The rest were priced between $25 and $35.


I redboxed this one since I missed it in theatres and I am regretting that I did. There are several points in the movie that were designed to take full advantage of the 3D and with a regular copy, it feels a bit cheesy. The movie was still good (bloody, but good) so I am interested to see what the 3D scenes really look like.


The 3D disc can be found at a reasonable price on eBay.


The 3D and theater experience was AMAZING. You missed out. One of the most enjoyable moments in the theater for me. So many of the idiots I knew missed out on the film.


It's a single disc that contains both the 2D and 3D presentations.


I recorded this during an HBO or Showtime free preview weekend a few weeks back. Not in 3D but it was a pretty good action flick. I had not read much about it so my expectations were pretty low but it was still a good movie.


Great movie, but Buyer Beware: The combo 3D/2D thing they tried with this has massive playback problems in a LOT of Blu-Ray players.