dealsgrow your own world's largest tree for $6.99


Now, hold on just a minute. They can't ALL be the world's largest tree.


Plus $6.29 shipping (to the west coast).


Fair warning, sequoias (and other redwoods) tend to need daily watering, unless you happen to live in just the right climate. If yours makes it past 'taller than your head', then congrats.


Something your great great great great great grandchildren can enjoy also! well possibly...


There is a reason these don't grow all over the country. Definitely not suited for all climates.


May get one and in twenty years I'll drill a hole in the base of the trunk and push a Hot Wheels through it.


It's funny when you go to the Sequoia groves around Yosemite there are signs saying DO NOT TAKE ANY PINE CONES or something to that effect. Are these officially sanctioned Sequoia seeds, or are they from the grey market??



I think that there are Sequioa groves all over this planet... not just the only places that your caryopsis giganteum has processed. I just don't guess that they had enough of those signs to hang on every grove...