deals30-pack super top extra heavy duty long life…


From what I understand, Zinc Carbon batteries are better suited for low drain applications. (Examples: remotes or flashlights)


That's right: no matter how many misleading adjectives they use, these are the shortest-lived batteries you can get. The cheapest store brand alkalines would be a better buy, and less likely to leak if left in a low drain device (like a basic TV remote) for a long time.


@jethroop369: Only some LED flashlights are "low drain." Traditional flashlights would eat these up.


from the small thumbnail i thought these were buckyballs or bucky-rods


these are more likely to leak than alkalines... they'll ruin your devices


Not Alkaline - won't touch them.


Lousy batteries from a terrible site,only good thing is Dailysteals may never ship the item so you won't have to throw them all in the trash yourself.


Having difficulty adding anything to my cart or even registering. Red flag for a fly-by-night site. Going to stay away from dailysteals.


I'm not excited about these batteries, but DailySteals has always done well by me. I've ordered from them several times without any problem. Shipping is a little slow, but I've been pleased with what I've purchased.


only suitable for motel remotes.


I've had problems with Dailysteals ,not buying anything again from their site.


@fuzi719: Count yourself lucky then. When you buy from Daily Steals, you don't know who you are dealing with because they are a 3rd party seller and will not guarantee that you are going to get what was advertised. I've had bad dealings with them.
Read their return policy.


These are not alkaline, so avoid! But I have no problem with dailysteals as a company.

Harbor Freight stores have a good regular price on alkaline 24 packs.

Lowes will have a good Black Friday price for alkaline 24 packs, and that day you could order online for store pickup later like not Black Friday.


@tcayer: Same here. Waited 4 week for them to even ship my item. They kept telling me. It is up to the supplier. Funny, cus I paid daily steals. Finally got the item and it didn't work. More emails that took 5 days for reply. Same nonsense "we will check with supplier" Three weeks more, and they haven't even bothered to contact me. Filed a dispute with credit card company. I did however out of the blue receive a replacement part that I am expected to install myself lol. No chance, when I purchased a "new" item. Done with these crooks. The mascot is definitely appropriate.


daily steals sent me a refund for an item that broke almost a year after I had bought it. Just throwing my experience out there. Not advocating buying this item though.