deals3-in-1 emergency survival hatchet hammer pry bar…


The shipping is more than the axe.


@joelp77440: Does that mean the ax is priced low or the shipping priced high?


@bsmith1: Shipping to CA is $7.99.

Calculating shipping on USPS at 1.5 lbs (axe is 14 oz), shipping comes to $7.49 for parcel post, cheapest way to go.

Figure they're getting a discount on bulk and also have to pay for the box and packaging, the $7.99 may not be unreasonable.


You know, I really don't want a sharp blade on my hammer or my wrecking bar. Both those things tend to bounce around a bit and occasionally go places you don't expect, with some decent bit of force.

It also looks like it'd be too light as a hatchet, more of an unbalanced tomahawk really.


Looks like a cedar shingle siding tool...


@hobbitss: They are actually made for opening wooden packing crates. you can pry them open and then use the hammer to pound the nails back in.


This is my zombie apocalypse weapon of choice.


I'm reluctant to say i purchased two of these to throw in my wheeling rig tool bag and my truck... poorly cast metal and solid handle, rough edges on casting, dull uneven "blade", no two are the same and the "hammer" is no more than a square-ish chunk of 1/4 steel welded on at a 90-degree angle.

Now.. for the price, to have it when you need it and have nothing else, they're great value! i hit mine with a flap disc to smooth em out a little, fresh coat of paint, and carry them with me. Haven't had the chance to put them through any rigorous testing, but I'm confident in their hammering and prying abilities.

Bottom line: You get what you pay for with these! they will more than likely do the trick! but if you need a professional grade multi-tool, move along.


@cerberusctd: I have one, too, though mine has a plastic over the handle, if that's what they mean by padding.


@hobbitss: Doesn't Sheila sell those, down by the seashore?


I bought one of these at a local store for 1.67... the advertised price is a rip off.