dealsmen skeleton transparent mechanical stainless…


Watches like these from eBay are great looking when pictures, but then you get it and realize hardly any (if any) of the gears move. Just there for decoration.


I have a skeletonized automatic Relic. If these watches are anything like it, then all the gears move. You just don't see them moving, since one of them takes an hour to move 1/12 of a circle.

Of course you could be right, and they might very well have non-functioning gears (I don't own any of the particular watches on the listing).


Tricky thing about these is while they're nice for show, I question how great the automatic movement is. I had a fossil watch I was ending up updating the time every other day, and that's at least a pretty good watch as opposed to a no-name. Like I said, this is cool if you just want something cheap to keep the time and not be heartbroken if you accidentally bang it while working on stuff, or if it just fails on you within a year.

Personally, I bought the black ceramic version of this and surprisingly I only end up updating the time once a month:

To each their own obviously, this is still a great deal if you want something aesthetically pleasing, but if you're at least semi-interested in watches, invest a little more money to get a lot more quality, at least that's in my opinion.


@myspaceisacult: That's an unavoidable quirk with mechanical watches. You lose a minute or two every two days, but the tradeoff is you never have to worry about batteries.

And some insist that a mechanical watch is more about the art than telling the time.

Or something like that.