dealskamenstein banana hanger for $14.99


Not to be used as a banana hammock


Would this work for hanging witches too? We have a scale to see if they weigh more than a duck, but our neighborhood doesn't allow fires.


This is inhumane treatment of innocent pure tasty bananas and I protest the hanging of bananas.


@mybestuser1: I agree. It would be much more humane to rip their skin off of their bodies, then bite their heads off and slowly consume the rest of their body in order to prolong the pain.

I'm partial to skinning them like an Indian would, then punching them until they're all bruised up and mixing them with other stuff, then burning them alive to make banana bread.


@kev50027: That also works for frogs. It doesn't taste very good though


Can't we just use a firing squad like we did in the old days?