dealsroku hd streaming player for $49.99 + free…


nice, but you can get the same thing directly from roku at same price.


But Amazon have free 2 day shipping if you have prime.


I've had the Roku2 XD for over a year. Love it. Even though I paid full price, it's more than paid for itself in what I've saved by downgrading my cable to just minimum.
Pros: Easy set up, Large selection of channels (many free), USB plays downloaded movies from a flash drive.
Cons: Even though mine is hardwired to my router on rare occasions It looses the signal. Unplugging and re-plugging it in works. Roku could do a better job of announcing when new channels/options are available.


I bought one of these through woot! a while ago and enjoyed it for about three weeks before it died. Roku customer service was a nightmare. After finally convincing them that their product really was defective and no amount of holding the reset button would fix it, they agreed to replace it. They were supposed to send a return shipping label but never did. Their forums seem to be littered with similar stories.

When we bought a Samsung SmartTV I discovered most of the streaming channels we regularly watched were already built in to the TV, so the Roku seemed largely superfluous. I never bothered with the return and won't plan on buying a Roku anytime soon. If anything, it will be an Apple TV.


I bought a Roku for my parents. Set up was easy. The controls were simple to use. However Netflix doesn't support closed captioning for it sadly.


@mrxindeed: This is true of practically everything you can buy anywhere. It's good to know Amazon sells Roku's, but that doesn't make this a "deal", does it?


What kind of interface does this have? I've used WD and Kodak products, plus my FIOS has an app built in to stream files from my media center throuh my cable box. I also use my PS3. I don't want to have to run an app on my computer (like FIOS and Kodak) I like the PS3 where I can browse file structure with directories, etc. The WD I have does this, but alas, is not wireless. FIOS also lists every single file in one long list, which is a pain, since my media is named 01x01 - [File name], so I have 1100 season 1 episodes, and the entire name is truncated, so it's almost impossible to find the one you want. I'd stick with the PS3, but the connection is sporadic for some reason. Sometimes it finds my server, sometimes not. Other gadgets will find files on the computer itself, but not the network server, even if I map a network drive. Aside from a dedicated media PC, the right product like this would be ideal.

Any advice is appreciated!


Target has this in-store for the same price this week, if you feel like picking one up without waiting for shipping.


The Roku can stream from your PC, but you need to be running Plex Server. I agree that the PS3 solution is a lot nicer, but I found setting up Plex pretty easy. You just need to install the Plex channel on your Roku (free) and have Plex server running in the background on your PC. No need to configure a login, password, ports or any of that type of stuff from the old days.

I'd say that overall, the Roku is a lot more user-friendly than the PS3, but if you have a PS3 it's not going to add much. Roku has a lot of additional channels, but most are not really useful. The one app that makes Roku a win over PS3 is HBO Go. Also, if you're looking to add streaming services to an older TV it's great. Finally, if have non tech-saavy parents or friends it's a great gift.


@smotyka: Thanks for the info. That helps a lot!


original poster again.. charged me 3 bucks in tax. better deal if you can get it from amazon in a state that won't charge you tax.