dealsasus sata blu-ray burner + 4x bd-r 5 packs disc…


would be nice if the title said w/MIR, but hey, that's how they get ya.

the free 5 blu-rays is a nice touch.

eligible for 2-day shipping from shoprunner :)


@smtatertot13: Sorry, didn't know we were supposed to flag rebates in the title. I'll do that in the future.

Still a decent deal even without the rebate. I paid $100 for a burner alone (different brand) and no media back when I built my system last March and thought it was a decent deal.


@tsfisch: I don't think we have to, its just a convenience thing.


@meh3884: Well I'm getting downvotes, so evidently people don't like that I didn't. I can't imagine the deal itself (final price) is getting downvotes...


@tsfisch: People downvote items for no reason. Free meals for military veterans, the homeless or even yourself gets downvotes. Newegg could be giving away free blu-ray burners and it would still get downvotes. I'm convinced some people log in every day just to downvote every single deal.

This is a solid deal from a solid company. Thumbs up.


The 5 Free Blank Blu Ray discs are worth $25 by themseleves, so it's a good deal I think. Plus Blu Ray burners were over $150 last time I checked.


a few silly questions from someone who's never burned a blu-ray:

1) how long will it take to burn a standard 2hr hollywood flick @ 12x?
2) what size are said backup files when ripped from existing media?
3) are there honestly any good uses for blu-ray beyond movies? i can't imagine anyone uses optical storage for anything but these days.


@pinchecat: My plan when I bought my burner was that it would be an easy way to share home videos shot with an HD camcorder. But the media is too expensive right now to make this really practical...

We have a lot of relatives (e.g. my Mom) who has a nice TV but no way to stream HD video to it.


Read the Egg reviews. It's OEM, so comes with nothing but a bare drive. The ASUS site has no drivers, no software, no firmware. You have to buy additional software to play back BluRay movies.

If you're truly technically adept, and like an adventure, this drive is for you. Otherwise, it's just a piece of frustrating metal and plastic.


Yes, it's OEM, so there's no software. You will need to have a copy of Cyberlink PowerDVD, Arcsoft TotalMediaTheatre, or WinDVD (I think) to watch commercial movies, etc.

On the other hand, if you just want it for burning data, all you need is Nero or some other burning app.

The previous comment mentions drivers, but in Windows there shouldn't be any required.

Even though it's an OEM drive, this is a terrific deal, especially with the included discs.

EDIT: looks like it DOES come with burning software, just not BD authoring software or viewing software for watching commercial video discs.


@firebirdude: and some people down vote things because they're not really "deals". ::::shrug:::

Or because they don't like MIR "deals".


@cdheer: actually it does, because "deal" means different things to different people. :::shrug:::


@cdheer: as for software, the link takes me to a page that says it includes:

Cyberlink Power2Go

It also does not say "OEM", and the pictures show what appears to be a normal retail box.

Did you check the actual information on the Newegg site?


@theracoon: I sure did. I also read the reviews. Did you? Within 60 seconds it becomes pretty clear what it comes with, and what it does not.

Bottom line: it's a good deal (IMO) even without the software.


@theracoon: Actually it doesn't because my point was that the deal, whether good or not, is irrelevant. EVERY post here gets at least one downvote. Haters gon hate regardless of the deal. It's not my opinion. It's proven history on here.


Downvoted because mail in rebates suck. Period.


@silversurfer166: You're paying $5 each for BD disks??? I think Fry's has these for like $1 each (on sale).


@silversurfer166: $32 for a 50 pack on Newegg, which comes out to 64 cents a disk with the free shipping. Can't speak to their quality, but it seems like a very good deal.


Reading the info on the Newegg page shows that 5-disc bundle is a $6.99 value. Clicking the link goes to a product that is a bundle of 5 disks valued at $6.99. Close to $25, but not quite.


I just received a check for $15 from a mail in rebate for a product I bought over a year ago. I had totally forgotten about it, so it was a bit surprising to see it show up in the mail.

They're such a scam though overall. I don't like mail in rebates, they suck.

@tsfisch: Why can't they just take it off instantly? This is not a deal to me, I'm downvoting it. Just thought you'd want an explanation.


If I got on here and had $65.00 in my account and thought oh that is perfect and then noticed that I had to mail in the rebate and that the initial purchase was a higher price it would annoy me but I would not downvote the deal. But I think that is the reason that MIR rebates get downvoted.


It gets downvoted because it says $49.99 in the title, but the description says $89.99, so you're out $40 dollars for a few months or more until that rebate arrives, while you initially were attracted to the deal because you thought it was $49.99 from the get go.

I don't downvote for these, but I can see the logic in doing so. Some people don't bother reading the description because this is a deal site, they expect the title to be the deal itself, and most people don't see MIR as deals, but instant rebates and the like as being deals instead. So they click "I want one" without reading the description, to see the site and realize that the so called deal is a no go, and return to woot and downvote.

Sad, but true.


Site now says 20 dollar mail in rebate and no mention of free discs. Am I missing something?


Tks to everyone for adding the discussion on drivers, media cost etc.