dealsthe lord of the rings: the motion picture trilogy…


While this is a good price, it's not a great deal. The regular price for this set, for the past week on Amazon, was $49.99.


If youre going to buy the LOTR movies, jump on this deal asap.

$20 shipped for all three on blu-ray

Edit: Its already been linked on deals.woot, so dont try to add it yourself, fyi


the inetvideo deal is for 3 original movies, and doesn't include the extended versions. I got the Amazon deal for $49.99 Friday, and also Best Buy had the same price too. Now that Black Friday is over this is the best deal out there.


Rats!! I paid $75 for this not too long ago, this is a great deal!


Though it doesn't say so in the title, these are the extended editions. The ones referenced above for $20 are the theatrical editions.

Price isn't bad, though I paid a bit less a few months ago.


Sorry Amazon: already got one from you @49.99 and one from Fry's @39.99.

No deal.