dealsbert the farting hippo from ncis for $21.99


@mrmucox: The one on the show doesn't make any noise. The farting noise is added in with sound effects. I just found this out today lol. I wish I could find one of the farting hippos though...would love to give one to my dad who is obsessed with the show and Abby.


@posuprstar: Plus shipping makes it more expensive. FREESHIP gives you the better end price.


@bigellow: Thank you! I was about to give up on it.


So, hopefully this helps someone. In Chrome, you can go through the steps of checkout (don't choose PayPal first... start with just "checkout" and follow the steps until you get to the payment method, THEN choose PayPal...

After PayPal, when it gets stuck and hides the final "place order" button, open your JavaScript console in Chrome (CTRL-SHIFT-J) and type:;

...and hit enter... this should finalize the order.


This is the worst shopping cart design ever. I've tried Chrome and IE and can't get either to finish.


@jamiecho3: Don't select Paypal at the start
Then, go thru the cart until you get to payments. You can then select paypal, and it screws up as before, but if you go back to the step before going to paypal using the browser back button, you can complete the order.

Worked on Firefox.

Silly shopping cart.


I've tried multiple computers, locations, and browsers.


anyone having issues with their site? right before I can finalize the order, they obscure the button, therefore preventing me from ordering.


in for an Abby bobblehead and 10 rules of gibbs tshirt.


If you use the code CBS25OFF you'll get another 25% off and it will be only $16.50! :-)


Trying to pay using PayPal and I get an error message on their site (Missing Credit Card Security ID) So their web programming is crap.

Mind you thats after it takes me to paypal to sign in and verify the info there.


Promo code "cbs25off" (which is the code that's revealed after you "Like" the CBS Store on your Facebook page) gets you 25% off total order. Codes are NOT stackable; you can only use one promo code per order at

Some items are eligible for a 3-for-$45 deal under code "3for45".

Tshirts are normally $26 each but today you can get 3 for $65 with code "3for65".

Entering a second promo code cancels the previous code. For me, the "cbs25off" code gave the lowest total, even though I had to pay $8 shipping (since the "freeship" code wouldn't stack).


Far short of interesting and not very realistic at all. OK, it makes the sound but where is the "bouquet"? The sound of flatulence alone without a rich bouquet is only giving you half the equation. This toy has a major design flaw.


Okay, I'll say it - the hippo they're selling doesn't look like Bert. It looks like a really cheap knock-off of Bert. Anyone here own this thing - and think it's got quality?


Looks more like a damn rat than a hippo!


The free shipping code makes it even better! The website was giving me crap and I had to finish my order over the phone. Caught the FREESHIP comment a second before finishing, but was able to use it even over the phone. Woo!!!


@curli76: Bert is owned by Abby Sciuto, (shoe-toe), the goth forensic godess of the show who is played by Pauley Perrette. Use those key search terms and you can learn way more than you could ever want to know.


I'm not going to buy a toy to do something I can do myself for the cost of a 99 cent burrito.


I do not watch this show but now I am intrigued. . .


For free shipping try "FREESHIP"


Be forewarned, this does make a farting noise, but it sounds NOTHING like the one on the show.


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