dealschips & queso at chili's


you can get this coupon any time by signing up for their emails.

multiple emails=free chips & "queso" every visit!

another bonus is you get emails at least once a month for their "kids eat free" deals. Combine kids eat free with their 2-for-$20 appetizer + 2 entrees, and we typically feed our family of 5 for just under $22 if wife & I drink water, $26 if we get 2 sodas. Kids' meals include beverage, including milk, and they are one of only a few restaurants that give kids free refills on milk.


When did the definition of "queso" change from "cheese" to "orange sauce with some cheese in it they give you at restaurants to dip your chips in"?


I must be getting old.....I can remember when Chili's always gave this away = free


One can always go to an authentic Mexican food restaurant where chips and salsa are free and 50% of the meals are not emptied from freezer package and warmed up.


Yet again, more people whining about free stuff. Grow up and be grateful or ignore the deal. Good grief...bunch of ingrates. I'm in for one.