dealsbig daddy adirondack chair with pull out ottoman…


I purchased a pair of these three years ago from Hayneedle. Decent chairs for what I paid for them. First chair took me over an hour to assemble because I ended up with two left arm supports for one of the chairs rather than a right & left, but was able to make it work. The second chair took me half the time as the first.

If you plan on leaving them out in the weather as I did, I suggest you spray them with either some kind of sealer or cover with an additional coat of all weather paint. I didn't, and by the end of three years in Southeastern weather, the paint was completely shot. The matching side table did not hold up at all.


Up here in the ADK's, we just call these "chairs". I call them the "when did sitting on wood become comfortable?" chairs.

That said, I'm not familiar with "Big Daddy", but that's a decent price for an ADK chair.