deals120gb kingston hyperx ssd sata3 *** $64.99 after…

vote-for-2vote-against has a similar drive for $59.99 with NO rebate!


@tcayer the OCZ at dailysteals is not a similar drive. That OCZ is Sata II with half the read/write speeds of the Kingston Hyperx.

I'm not normally a Kingston guy, but this is a great drive at a really good price. Couldn't pass on this one. Please also note that this is not the "3k" value version which makes the price even better.


@walmartman: That's good to know- I didn't realize there was a big difference among solid state drives. Learn something new every day!


The link isn't working for me anymore, here is a new one:

I have 2 of these SSDs with the 6 Gb/s interface they are fast. I meant to put the performance specs in the post, here they are:
Max Sequential Read - Up to 555 MB/s
Max Sequential Write - Up to 510 MB/s
4KB Random Read - Up to 85,000 IOPS
4KB Random Write - Up to 73,000 IOPS
MTBF - 1,000,000 hours
3 year limited (parts & labor) warranty


May be time to shove one of these bad boys in my cd drive spot on my laptop finally.....


@walmartman: Actually this is a 3K drive- read below "HyperX Performance at an exceptional price" in that image in the middle of the page.

You are still correct about it being better than that OCZ drive, though. :)


@jmh9072: blah. I swear I read over that it didn't say that earlier. booo. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be ready to replace it in 7 years instead of 15 anyways. By then we should be using holographic storage anyways. :)


@rrussell: I've done about 5 or 6 MIR between Tiger and Newegg in the last couple months and haven't had any problems. Especially on a deal like this where I'm saving a good bit, I go ahead and pay the $2 to have it processed faster and usually get it back within a couple weeks from when I send it off. MIRs are a lot better than they were a few years ago.


I haven't had any rebate problems through newegg or tigerdirect. I usually just wait the the 6-8 weeks and make sure I keep a copy of everything I send in just in case something does happen.


@walmartman: We can only hope! :) Anyway, I'm in for one of these too. They are a great deal!

It is kind of misleading though that it doesn't list the 3K in the product title. Some say it and some don't, but I think the 5K ones have a different model number.